Electricity METER


The role of Low Power Wide Area Networks in communication between Smart Meter and Utility company is significant. It enables Smart electricity meters to give us a more accurate understanding of our energy consumption, as well as how to conserve it. By recognizing when we are using more power than necessary, we can help reduce the amount of pollution sent into the atmosphere. This is possible through installing smart electricity meters which monitor our usage in real time, along with tracking other information such as weather patterns and industrial activity. So, by installing a Smart Electricity Meter you can realize better electric service on our planet



LPWAN (Low Power Wide-Area Network) is an advantageous networking solution due to its low energy consumption and simple installation process. LPWAN uses the ISM frequency spectrum to provide a low-power wide area network. The use of this frequency band allows LPWAN systems to be smaller, faster and more reliable than traditional narrowband networks.

This type of network is perfect for massive spaces such as cities, schools, hospitals and offices that have a high demand for data collection. The advantages of LPWAN extend to greater productivity and impproved efficacy from the capacity to link more devices concurrently. Additionally, costs associated with linking units over a broad area network are minimized leading to shorter setup times and lower monthly bills overall. LPWAN technology offers a range of advantages, including minimal power consumption and prolonged battery life as well as decreased upkeep. Additionally, it facilitates the logging of data for inspection purposes while also enabling swift access to information in case of any problems with the system. Furthermore, users will be notified if preset parameters are exceeded.